Wednesday, October 17, 2018
By Carol  Simenson
Getting Your Snowblower Ready for Winter

Don’t wait until the first major snowstorm to make sure your snowblower is ready. Take the following steps to ensure it is working properly:

•   Clean fuel is a must. Drain fuel if there was any left from the previous year. Dirty fuel could possibly clog the fuel filter.

•   Check the oil. If it is dark, it is time to change it.

•   Check the tires. If they are low on air, add more. The recommended tire pressure can be found on the tire sidewall or you can reference your owner’s manual. Having the correct tire pressure will make handling the the snowblower much easier.

•   Adjust the skid shoes if needed. They help protect the shave plate from damage. The skid shoes should be touching the ground.

Always reference your owner’s manual in doing the tips above to ensure your are taking the proper steps for your specific model snowblower that you own.