Thursday, July 12, 2018
By Carol  Simenson
What is the difference between a Listing Agent and a Buyer’s Agent?

What is the difference between a Listing Agent and a Buyer’s Agent?

Key Roles of a Listing Agent – Assist Sellers

  • Has data and understanding of the current market, and is able to interpret it to help the seller be in a good selling position.
  • Has a proven marketing plan in place to implement that will promote the listing.
  • Reviews what an offer means with the seller, what the offer will net the seller, and what timelines are required so the seller is able to make an informed decision.
  • Secures an offer, moving it from an offer to a written binding contract.
  • Gets the contract to closing, helping the seller stay in compliance with the terms of the accepted purchase agreement-contract.
  • Key negotiator, facilitator, and communicator to all parties involved in the transaction.
  • Your agent who follows your instructions for closing, wiring of proceeds or delivery of proceeds.

Key Role of Buyer’s Agent – Assist Buyers

  • Has data and understanding of the market to help the buyer understand the current market they will be purchasing in.
  • Is a key communicator with the buyer’s lender and knows what is needed on behalf of the buyer client for purchasing a property.
  • Reviews, orientates, educates the buyer on the process of buying.
  • Helps the buyer with a success plan of purchasing, making sure the needed items are completed first (job secured, letter of pre-approval ready to go, lease information reviewed, understanding of earnest money, finance plan fully determined and more).
  • Sets up online-automatic searches for buyer clients, helps locate properties that meet the buyer’s wants and needs and arranges tours and times for buyers.
  • Prepares an offer for the buyer while doing research on the property, as well as research on how it compares to the current market. 
  • Keeps the transaction in compliance for timelines, conditions of the purchase agreement, and moves the contract to closing.
  • Communicates with the buyer throughout the entire transaction, arranges access to property for inspections and final walk through, time of closing, and delivery of earnest money for closing and more.
  • Attends the closing with the buyer.

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